Top 10: Fantasy Booms of the Year

First of all let give a little back ground on how came up with these. I put all 1,696 current NFL players name in a really big F-ing hat and just fate decide…… Okay not really, but if looked at my current fantasy football team you might think that (Damn you again Shonn Greene).  Really what I did took a look at who the top performers in fantasy football are right now in our 12 man point per reception league (PPR).  I then looked at old draft kits and draft results to see where these players taken before the season began.  I also took a look at why these players were doing so well, was it because he is just playing well or is he just getting extra reps do to an injury.  With all of that being said – Here you go, and next week we will be looking at Fantasy Busts of the Year – or as the other writers on this page refer to them – The B.A.T.S. (my fantasy football team).

Honorable Mentions:

A.J. Green – Cincinnati

Wes Welker – New England

Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia

All three of these guys have had great seasons so far and should defiantly get mentioned.  A.J. might get rookie of the year.  Wes has stepped up to another level yet again.  And Jeremy Maclin has come off of a bad illness to be the best fantasy receiver on his team.

#10 – Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay

I know there might be a lot of people who don’t think this was any type of steal, but take a look at your current team and try and tell me that it wouldn’t look any better if the highest fantasy QB was your starter. Unless you are the one guy in your league who already got him that is.

#9 – Ryan Fitzpatrick – Buffalo

So I know that Ryan isn’t the best QB in the league, but he might not have even been drafted in most leagues. How amazing would he be as your back-up QB or even a starter that you could have taken with your 15th pick?

#8 – Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski – New England

I put these guys as a tie. Why you may ask, because who would have thought that 2 tight ends on the same team could both be fantasy gold.  How is it that every year Tom Brady just seems to have brand new weapons at his disposal?  Does “The Hoody” have the world’s greatest magic eight ball or is he just that much smarter than everyone else?

#7 – Jimmy Graham – Washington

          Anytime a tight end is out scoring all most every receiver in the league he a BOOM, just saying.  Oh and Chris Cooley getting injured helped a little too.

#6 – Steve Smith – Carolina

          The biggest question here is: Who is making who look good?  Is this Steve Smith making Cam Newton look like rookie of the year or has Cam brought Steve Smith back from NFL obscurity?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, enjoy the ride.

#5 – Eric Decker – Denver

          The biggest reason that Decker is this high on the list that he was undrafted in most leagues that aren’t full of Broncos fans, and even in those weeks he was most likely a waiver wire guy.  Eric has had a great year thanks to a lot of garbage time points, but they are still points, and the way the Bronco season is looking, there might be a lot more garbage time in the future.

#4 – Matt Stafford – Detroit

Paging Calvin Johnson – I think Calvin could even make me look like a good quarterback.  We all knew that Stafford was going to be gold, but why oh why was he drafted in the 6th round or later in so many leagues.  I guess everyone (other than Detroit fans) figured that it would be yet another year of underachievement.  I guess we were wrong.  (I’m calling it now Detroit vs. Buffalo in the Super Bowl – Now, how much fun would that be?)

#3 – Fred Jackson – Buffalo

Well, if any of you reading this are anything like me you were just waiting for yet another injury for this guy and C.J Spiller to lock in the starting role.  Huh, I guess I was wrong, and by the fact that in most leagues that Jackson wasn’t drafted until after the 5th round or later, you were too.

#2 – Cam Newton – Carolina

Unless you are in a keeper league or one of those leagues with 2 starting QB’s this guy went undrafted.  And really I can’t blame anyone who didn’t draft a young running style QB; they haven’t exactly been working out for teams: Vince Young, Tim Tebow, and DeMarcus Russell just to name a few.  In most leagues Cam is in the top 5 for fantasy points, now he just has to figure out how to get the W’s, maybe he should start playing ironman football.

#1 – Darren Sproles – New Orleans

I really don’t know how he made his way into the #1 spot either, but like I said earlier, I am basing this off of a point per reception league, and Sproles has defiantly had some nice receptions.  In most leagues this guy wasn’t taken until the 12th or later rounds.  He was taken behind Ingram and Thomas, and has somehow been the cream to rise to the top. Long story short: If you are able to draft the highest scoring fantasy running back in the 12th round, that is a “BOOM”.

NEXT WEEK: Top 10 Fantasy Busts of the Year

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