Top Centers for the 2015 NFL Draft


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Centers are always interesting.  Some years they go high others they drop.  Centers are the quarterback of the offensive lines.  People forget how valuable they are.

No team has won a super bowl when their center was hurt.

Remember the Raiders vs. Bucs super bowl?  The raiders center missed that game.

What about the Steelers vs. Packers when Pouncey was hurt in the AFC Championship game.

Both teams had trouble protecting their QB.  It’s easy position to forget, but it’s one they need to take care of.

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Either way, here is my Centers for the up coming draft!


Tier 1

1. Cameron Erving – C – Florida State 

The top center in the draft isn’t a automatic first round pick.  He may go late first round (Colts?)  but I see a early second round pick, and he should start right away.   Erving has played every position on the offensive line, making him a versatile player.

Tier 2

2. Reese Dismukes – C – Auburn 

The second tier of centers scare me a bit, I don’t know if they will develop into a true starter.  They have potential, but may just be stop gaps.  Dismukes shows me a solid player who does everything well, nothing great.

3. Hroniss Grasu – C – Oregon

The Duck slides in as number 3 for me.  He has athleticisms, but needs to had strength and power.  I like that he can pull, most centers can’t.  Someone will get an athletic center, but I’m not sure he can move a true nose tackle.

Tier 3

4. B.J. Finney – C – Kansas State 

These guys are day 3 type of guys, one of them will defiantly become a starter… always happens.  My money is on Finney, he’s smart and athletic… seams like one of those guys who will only improve.

5. Max Garcia – C – Florida 

Garcia is a versatile center, some people have him as a guard, I like him at center.  Another athletic guy, but he has size also

6. Andy Gallik – C – Boston College 

Gallik is a smart tough player, lacks the top end athleticism, but still a solid player.


There you have it!  Who do you think will rise up to the top of these tiers?

Will a center go in the first round?

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