Top Safeties for the 2015 NFL Draft

MacOne thing has become apparent.  The NFL is going more and more pass heavy, so your seeing safteties become more and more valuable.  The Seahawks have two safeties, 4 safeties went in the first round last year even though only two were projected.  3rd corners and safeties are now major needs by almost all teams.

This years class is interesting, their is one in a tier of his own then a group of others… then it drops off from there.

What I find interesting is which safety will go second?  Who of this second tier will rise to the top.  We saw 2 safeties last year climb in the first round… what about this year?  Let’s get to it.

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Tier 1:

1. Landon Collins – S – Alabama 

Clearly in a class of his own, he will easily be the top safety off the board.  My question: Is he good or does he look good because he has no challenger?  I think he’s good, but I’m not sure if he’s a pro bowler, and you can see that in mock drafts.  Sometimes he goes top 10, sometimes he falls to late 20’s.

I see Collins as a strong safety only, I think he will struggle a bit in coverage.  But he’s more of an in the box physical safety.  If your a team who has a ball hawk in the back field to play center field, this would be a perfect compliment.

Tier 2:

2. Damarious Randall – S – Arizona State

The knock on Randall is his size.  I constantly see that he’s a first round pick if he was taller…. exactly how tall is Thomas in Seattle?  Either way, I’m not sure he’ll be the second safety off the board but I do think he’ll be a starter someday in the NFL.

3. Gerod Holliman – S – Louisville

Holliman should have stayed in school, he may be a first rounder next year.  He’s like the opposite of Collins, a ball hawk who doesn’t tackle well enough.   Someone will grab him though and coach him up.

4. Anthony Harris – S – Virginia 

Looks like a complete solid safety to me.  He can tackle and defend the pass, but doesn’t do any of it amazingly well.  That’s ok, Jason Taylor was labeled the same way coming out of college.  There is a lot to like here, as he gets bigger, faster and stronger.

5. Byron Jones – S – Connecticut 

A bit of a wild card.  Jones hurt his shoulder and missed plenty of time, but everything else looks solid on him.  We could see quiet a run on safeties in the second or third round.

Tier 3:

I think I like this the best for my order… most of these guys are day three selections.  But maybe one or two sneak into the third round.

6. James Sample – S – Louisville 

I like him the best of this group, good size and speed… deserves more attention

7. Durell Eskridge – S – Syracuse

Big 6-3 who can run, lots of potential

8. Josh Shaw – S – USC 

Has some speed and can hit, not perfect but could develop

9. Kurtis Drummond – S – Michigan State 

I’m not sure he’s fast enough, he has some size but I don’t know if he can cover at an NFL level

10. Clayton Geathers – S – Central Florida 

Interesting player, has some nice measurable just lacks in overall athletic ability.

11. Adrian Amos – S – Penn State 

I love his speed, I see a Free Safety who could cover as a corner in a pinch

12. Derron Smith – S – Fresno State 

Solid in college, but he may be too small and slow for a start in the NFL, special teams guy most likely.

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