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Well I do have comments about this game but I want to run through the check list first – ->

USA Keys for Success:

  • 90 minutes means 90 minutes- not 60 minutes

The US did good job here. They controlled the tempo for the most part. They finished strong and didn’t settle for one goal.

  • Communicate on corners. The Germans lose their marks fairly easily

Germany gave the US four great looks on the corner kicks

  • Possess the ball but move the ball quickly

This was the best game at possessing the ball and did ball quickly at times but not enough to earn a mark on the check list

  • Don’t take on multiple defenders

Still struggling here but did see support players coming into the attack better

  • Better decisions when you beat the defender

This was the weakest part of the US game tonight.

  • Have a plan when you trap the ball

The US did well as for having a plan but still struggling with first touches but you can see the ideas

  • The defenders did a great job stepping in passing lanes. Keep it up

The US defenders did fine job here

  • Finish the opportunities (easy said than done but there are going to be fewer chances in this game than any other game that was played in the tournament)

Not there again. This game could have been 4-1 USA. Can’t squander

  • Need to be stronger on the ball. China was not a physical team and we gave the ball away to easy. The Germans want this to be a physical game.

As a team this criteria was met most of the time. Megan Rapinoe needs much work in this area. A 10 year could have pushed her off the ball.

  • Don’t assume; be ready for anything (follow the ball, be ready for missed clears, be ready for mishandled balls from the keeper)!!!!

The US followed the ball better on corners

  • Germans like to send numbers and every player needs to be accounted for in the attack.

The US did a good job however the Germans were little scared to go at the US

Score: 7/11

Germany’s Keys for Success:

  • Hope Solo hasn’t been challenged, shoot the ball

Most of the shots taken were frustration shots and you missed a PK

  • Better support for the players on the flanks

No real flank play at all and support around the whole field was slow and lazy.

  • Know where the goalkeeper is at (to many times the French keeper came off her line to grab easy crosses)

Had a couple of crosses but none were challenging plus they were at Hope

  • Pressure the US players

They did this in the beginning of the game but then trashed the idea and chose specific situations to use it. Sorry not going to give you credit.

  • Continue to play physical

The only time Germany played physical was out of frustration. I didn’t recognize this team. This team isn’t known for excessive lobbying for calls but that was just the case tonight.

  • Angerer needs to continue to play well

The only real sunlight in the game for the Germans was Angerer. She had one great save and few solid ones to keep the German around.

  • Better communication on attacking and defending set pieces

Lost marks on corner kicks and free kicks was just average

  • If there is no crossing lane then use your supporting players quicker

Not enough flank play to grade this point. Much of the play was down the middle.

  • Mix up your corner kick plays, too predictable

I actually saw difference in formations and more complex runs on different kicks.

  • Crosses need to go to the eight yard area, Hope will eat crosses up in the 6 to easily

There weren’t many crosses in the game for the Germans but they did hit them toward Hope

  • No need to dive in at the American forward on the flanks, be patient, the mistake will happen and easy turnover

The weakest part of the Germans defense!! They gave up more opportunities by diving in and trying to make plays then actually forcing the American flank players make better decisions.

Score 2/10

USA reactions: This was awesome for win for the Americans. They confused the hell out of a strong German squad.  We got a little bit of luck on the PKs (penalty kicks) but took advantage.  Playing to the level of your opponent helped us in this round because this team was so talented.  A overall great win for the US women’s national team.

So proud 🙂 Meeting most of the criteria above helped put them into a great place to grab that precious cup.

Germany Reactions: As stated in previous article this was Germany cup to lose. Not to take away from the American effort but the nasty German side playing like little kitten was embarrassing.  They weren’t physical at all and when they were frustrated they tugged on grabbed jerseys.

I never had seen that much diving and so much needless arguing with the officials and teammates. The will to win must of dies in the 81st of the French game.

Angerer will go back as the hero that “kept it on the line” but the rest will go as goats. Such conservative play by the German side.  Missing a penalty kick is inexcusable at this stage.

Meeting 2 points on the checklist shows the lack of effort and cunning nature that Germany has witnessed during the whole World Cup campaign.

Final Thoughts: Well I’ll take the loss to my knockout stage record but will enjoy a World Cup game with the US participating. By the way, I did say if the US got past the 25th minute there would be chance of a well fought game.

US fans: Keep up your routine and any superstitious mojo going. It’s working. My game day run to Del Taco is working for me. If you don’t have one then take mine.

GO get an Epic Scrambler Steak and a Macho Beef burrito with a medium Coke ( or Mexican food if you don’t have Del Taco).

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