Where is the Great Hockey Movie

  • By J*Rod

JRodI don’t play a basketball video game.  That statement seems unimportant, but it fits the criteria.  I play Madden, NHL, and MLB the Show. I don’t play a basketball game which makes all basketball movies irrelevant for my future argument.  Despite the fact that there are such phenominal basketball movies like Hoosiers, Coach Carter, and He Got Game, they are not in play, simply because this author doesn’t play basketball games.  Wonderful movies (I own 2), not in play for this conversation…sorry.

Other than Miracle why isn’t there a phenominal hockey movie?

This thought hit me the other night.  I play, essentially, 3 video games.  Madden, MLB the show and NHL. It definitely has to do with my upbringing, but my interests focus on those three sports, hockey, football and baseball.  During this time of year, I find myself playing a lot of MLB and wishing that Madden had the proper roster’s, but it’s not to be.  I play my MLB franchise and our online Madden league (which I’m the defending superbowl champ!), yet tonight I found myself longing to play NHL (It had to do with Kovalchuk signing a KHL contract when less than a week ago, he was the Devil I loved the most). When I play a game, I tend to put on a movie in the background to support the atmosphere, but I’m limited when it comes to hockey.

I play Madden, and I have so many movies (Remember the Titans, The Blind Side, Rudy (my favorite), Any Given Sunday, and so many more) along with MLB the show (A League of their own, Major League, The Rookie, The Natural, etc.).  Yet with hockey, I’m limited to a truly great movie to watch while I play NHL.  I could watch Slapshot, The Mighty Ducks, or even Mystery Alaska.  My problem is that I’ve listed the entire list.  Baseball and football have additional wonderful movies such as Bull Durham, Friday Night Lights, and  42, but I’ve named the best hockey movies.  Hockey is missing that breakthrough movie, the one that everyone appreciates and loves.  Miracle is as close as it gets, but as football shows, it takes more than one story for everyone to love the one you told them.

I have and Idea, and the people in Hollywood should make the hockey movie about the one, the only, the great…

You will have to wait and read it tomorrow!

The Great Hockey movie should be:

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