Why Bill Belichik is a Genius

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So the 2015 NFL Draft has come and gone, and to my surprise, most teams had a pretty logical approach. A lot more teams are taking the BPA (Best Player Available) approach when it comes to available talent, and it made for a very boring first round.

Two trades?

I would have liked one GM to give away the farm to get a guy; maybe Mariota to the Eagles. Alas, the draft is done, which means its time to over-analyze.

As the resident Patriots fan, I had more questions than I did answers at the end, particularly when it came to day two. I’ve thought it over for a bit, and I decided that Bill Belichik is a genius.

At the very end of the second round, we took Jordan Richards. Before the pick, I turned to Mac and actually said the words, “I hope we don’t take some obscure safety again.”

The Patriots pick came in, and was it Jaelen Strong?


They took that obscure safety.

Now, at the time, I was confused and furious. I didn’t understand how we couldn’t take a shot on a guy that was supposed to be a first round WR, but then I really stepped back and looked at it from a future perpective.

This year, the Patriots are projected at about $10 million dollars under the cap, which isn’t horrible.

The real problem is what happens in the next few years.

Players like Jerod Mayo that restructured their contracts, are supposed to make far more money in the next few years, which puts the Patriots in jeopardy. By reaching for Richards in the second, we allowed ourselves to sign a second-round guy for the bare minimum allowed.

These guys are interested in playing some football, not negotiating contracts. I did some research and could not find any information on whether or not Richards has an agent, which I am going to take the bold move and say that he does not.

What better way to save against the cap?

So Belichik takes a guy that has smarts, upside, and raw skills that could make an immediate impact. Aside from the amazing fourth round that New England pulled off and the strange fall for Malcom Brown, the draft was pretty simple. Belichik sees a guy; Belichik drafts a guy.

He sees something in some of these guys that continues to let them finish the year near the top of the league, and the bottom of the draft. As much as I would love to see the Patriots take one of these elite guys, I’m not complaining.

All hail the genius that is Bill Belichik.

On a fun side note, the Patriots might have the worst defensive line in the AFC East, but the fourth best in the league. Here’s to a lot of 13-10 finishes in the division!

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