Women’s World Cup Awards


  • By Whirly

As I did in the 2012 Olympics I will do an award type breakdown. I left out most of the reasoning/comments on purpose. The Honorable Mentions are listed in no particular order .That way you have to comment on our page to get more info. I’m so devious… I am 😉


Best Goal Keeper in the tournament: Angerer (Germany)

  • Honorable Mention: Dede (Nigeria), Erin McLeod (Canada) , Hope Solo USA

Best Offense: Japan

  • Honorable Mention: Germany, France, USA

Best Defense: USA

  • Honorable Mention: Japan, Canada,

Worst smack talker: Columbian player (Lady ANDRADE)

  • Honorable Mention: Banter between coaches before Canada vs. England game

 Most Childish moment: New Zealand coach not shaking hands with the Chinese’s coach.

The Soccer team that also knows how to swim “aka dive”: Columbia

  • Honorable Mention: Brazil

Most physical team in the tournament: Switzerland

  • Honorable Mention: Canada, England, Norway

Tournament MVP:  Angerer (Germany)

  • Honorable Mention: Carli Lloyd USA

Most potent Offensive player:  USA’s Carli Lloyd

  • Honorable Mention: Brazils(Cristiane), Germany’s(Sasic), France’s( Elodie THOMIS)

Best quarterfinal game: France vs. Germany

  • Honorable Mention: Canada vs. Switzerland

Best Goal of the tournament:  Carli lloyd’s(USA) midfield hammer shot.

Honorable Mention: The French connection tic tack toe goal (Le Sommer) against South Korea.

Final Thoughts: The MVP was the toughest choice because I had to break down games and the big picture. I chose this Nadine Angerer because she had the most impact in the games, especially the ones that counted (the number of penalty kicks she faced was ridiculous).The lack of true dangerous forwards was disappointing (Carli had one great effort but needed couple more to steal the MVP).

There could have been at least 6 more goals scored in the Semi Finals and the championship round .Yes I will give it to player that played in the third place game unlike the Conn Symthe in NHL playoffs .I hope you had a fun time reading my articles and enjoy your Summer ;  )

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