Women’s World Cup Finals Breakdown

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Women’s World Cup Finals: USA vs. Japan

This is the match that everyone has been waiting for all of the Women’s World Cup tournament. One of these countries will be holding the cup. Both teams have worked toward this stage and advanced in strange ways but none the less both are here to lay it all on the line.

The first goal scored of the women’s world cup will set a monumental task for the other team because both are strong closing out the game.  The US has to press the issue, can’t let the game go to a shootout. The doubt in the US minds is just too high and our constant missed shots (throughout the tournament) in the box, doesn’t strike any confidence.

Whirly’s Prediction: USA wins 2-0 if they score first. If Japan scores first the likely hood of the game goes to a shootout will be high. In that scenario the US will be ousted again by penalty kicks (5-4).

Keys to the Game for the US

**Priority one is to execute**

  • Continue to play hard “90 minutes means 90 minutes”
  • Find supporting players when you’re in a trap
  • Shoot away from the Goalkeeper(mistakes will happen)
  • Continue to be physical but less with the grabbing and more body on body contact(they are shorter, drop those hips)
  • Finish golden opportunities
  • Crosses need to be sent in earlier and near the 8 yard zone. Not the six yard box. Too easy for the Keeper to control
  • The defensive line needs to clear the balls (not in the middle). If there is no time than pound that ball into the stands and regroup

Keys to the Game for Japan

 ** Go back to a disciplined game**

  • Get back to playing the game with discipline
  • Focus on your own game not the your opponents
  • Dribble at defenders and then pass the ball
  • Better crosses into the box
  • Focus shooting the ball with contact, not power
  • Contest the US shooters
  • Be patient when you trap the US flank players on the outside

Women’s World Cup Third Place Match: Germany vs. England

This game will be hard to predict the outcome based on how both teams fell in the Semi finals. Both are proud nations but both teams will be clinging to what could have been. I think both teams’ heads will not be in this game, due to the fact they will be dwelling on the losses.  England might push the issue further because this is the furthest they have advanced in a women’s world cup and beating a giant club like the Germans would improve their program for upcoming years.

 Whirly’s Prediction: England Wins 2-1

Keys to the Game for Germany

**Prove to World your Final Four spot was earned**

  • Push the Tempo of the play. Send numbers. The last two games way too conservative
  • Marking, Marking, and well Marking again
  • Be enforcers; go back to “I don’t give a crap what you think ref attitude.”
  • Shoot with a purpose. The Semi Final match, there was so much frustration shots instead of placing the shots
  • Defenders need to stop diving in on flank players that have nowhere to go but out of bounds
  • Use the full width of the field. Way to narrow too much play down the middle.
  • Fight through challenges. The US players were ball watching a couple of times and you went down when there were opportunities to have 3v1s or 2v1s on the flanks.

Keys to the Game for England:

**Prove to England (yes their own country) that they will be a force the next World Cup**

  • Keep that well timed midfield trap going
  • Need better technique on shooting the ball (look at your target)
  • Stay physical
  • Look for Scott(Jill) on crosses
  • Better spacing with the forwards( they were too far apart in some cases)
  • Keep Bardsley healthy (her allergies have taken a toll and she needs to drink more water so she doesn’t cramp as well) If this is a concern have Chamberlain ready to go.
  • Find Sasic and dooooooooooooooo not dive in at any point. She will be anticipate that and score with ease.

Final Thoughts

 This is a great championship round because we have one new comer to the final four world (England). Three of these teams were true contenders for the women’s world cup but in the end only two get to fight for it. The Women’s game has come along but there still needs tweaking and the right person at the helm improve this fine product even more.

Go USA USA USA. This is your time.

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