World Cup Championship Round Reactions

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Third place Match – – – >Germany vs. England (0-1 OT)

As expected the English side wanted to prove to the World that they are a force to be reckon with now and in the immediate future. The English side came out strong and pushed Germany around easily till the 65th minute in the second half.

Germany had decent push in the early moments of the game but then played better than the last matches but still failed to impose their will onto the English side.  Germany had a few better total looks on the net but failed to finish (man, that came back to bite them).  Sasic is one of the top players in the world and couldn’t finish a ball 8 yards out (sorry that has to be a goal, no excuses).

Germany played a little better near the end of the half but failed to grab momentum going into the second half. In the Second half Germany did start to look like the old Germany by focusing on outside play and then coming in.

I really liked the second half because both team were getting really feisty. All in all, this was one of the better third places matches that I have seen from either Men’s or Women’s World Cups.

Quick note: The penalty kick called in the 106th minute was justified. The call was harsh but this why you shouldn’t teach defenders to lock arms or bodies in the box. Get in proper position and move your feet. You don’t put the game in the official’s hands or you will get burned most of the time. Sorry German fans, I don’t want to hear it.

P.S.: There was a hand ball in the box in the first half against you (Germany) anyway and it went unnoticed (tough luck). Plus, remember all the point blank misses you had and couldn’t convert.

Title Match – – > United States of America vs. Japan (5-2):

There isn’t whole lot to say about this game. The American girls finally came to the party. They pushed the level of play even further than the Germany game. They scored first and never looked back. They dropped off a little in the middle of the second half but “closed up shop” and ended up being World champions. Japan got down early in the game but never gave up. They left it all out on the field(scoring two on Hope isn’t easy).

Whirly’s Knockout Final  Record: 13-3

Final Thoughts: Congratulations to England for their best finish in history. You played your hearts out and got rewarded.  You too Bardsley that was a tremendous save in the middle of the second half.  Great job USA by bringing another trophy home.

Dear FIFA, please get the all the distractions fixed because these officials need more training. These officiating performances were disgusting. Get evaluators on site and have them talk to the officials (all including the fourth) during half times. These are some of the most embarrassing decision making “professionals” I’ve seen and these are supposed to be the best (are you “____” kidding me). We have technology for a reason and rule book as well. There is no shame in making sure that these officials are kept in check and reliable.

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